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5 volt power over ethernet adapters: PoE extension for 1 to 12 IP cameras

Foscam ✓ Airsight ✓ Tenvis ✓ Geovision ✓ Wanscam ✓ AirRouter ✓
EasyN ✓ Apexis ✓ EasySF ✓ Vstarcam ✓ Linksys ✓ Axis (5v models) ✓

active 5 volt splitter
Passive 1 port POE injector
Passive 8 port POE injector
Passive 12 port POE injector
5 volt active splitter
1.35mm 5v Camera ready
single injector
for up to 8 devices
for up to 12 devices

These Power over Ethernet injectors extend power and data up to 328 ft

Foscam and similar cameras use 5 volts, limiting passive power extenders to about 15 feet. With our 5v active splitters, you can make an extension of your connections to 328 ft - with both power and data sharing the Ethernet cable. Any 5v device (Cameras, modems, switches or USB chargers - even iPads ) can be remotely powered. We use passive POE and 24v for the lowest cost, most reliable solution, reducing the voltage to 5v at the remote end to effectively eliminate power loss. Also solves wifi range problems - the camera is connected via the same Ethernet cable for data too.

If you need to power from solar cells and a battery, then these are perfect, since the input range is 10v to 28v.

Foscam cameras use 4-6 watts each - Airsight, Tenvis, Wansview, Wanscam, EasyN, Apexis, Axis 206 and Axis 207, other cameras have more LEDs and more electronics and need up to 10 watts each.

We supply the 5v splitter, multiport injectors and 24v power supplies, or you can use your own. Reduce the mess of cables for up to 12 devices. Reboot all devices from one central location. We use these in our own installations and are making them available for others.

For Foscam PoE cameras like FI8905E, FI8910E or FI8918E, please use our 48v versions at 802.3af power supplies

For Foscam 12v cameras like FI9802W, FI8602W and FI8620, you can mix 5v and 12v cameras on the same multiport injector. Order below, or for more information, please see our Foscam 12v info page

Distance calculator

Above 24v, there is generally no significant distance limit to POE. However, at lower voltages we recommend the use of our Online POE distance, voltage and power calculator if you are curious about the operation of POE at voltage below 24v or at high currents.

Technical Support: contact us via skype - wifiqos - if you have questions

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USB, 5 volt and 12 volt Splitters
also for Foscam, Airsight, etc
WS-POE-5v-PS WS-POE-5v-Kit
for one device
From $22
DC Plug Type
order @ 1 Injector with

Power Supply

WS-POE-5v-PS WS-POE-5v-Kits
1.35 mm DC plug
select number of cameras
at right
From $15
per camera
Select Number of Cameras

Optional Adapters
order @ 8 or 12 port Injector

One Power Supply

many splitters

WS-POE-5v WS-POE-5v-10w
12 to 30 volts in
5 volts out, 2 Amp, 10 watt
splitter only
Connector Type
order @ any 5 volt device
including USB

See List

to 328 ft

WS-POE-12v WS-POE-12v-Splitter

18 to 30 volts in
12 volts 15 watts out
with kit options
order @ For 12v devices
like Routers, Foscam outdoor

extend to 328 ft

WS-POE-12v WS-POE-12v-Kits
kits for up to 12 cameras
Number of Cameras
order @ For 12v devices
like Foscam FI9805W, FI8919W

extend to 328 ft

WS-Adapters convert 1.35mm or 2.1mm
select at right
Connector Size
we offer adapters
for all devices
Passive Kits
for short range use
WS-POE-IO WS-POE-I/O-1.35 $ 3.95
In Stock POE injector and splitter
1.35mm x 3.5mm
24v injector kits
WS-POE-8-24v60w WS-POE-8-24v from $37.95
Power Supply Option
in stock power for 8 cameras
select splitters above
set of 4 jumpers WS-POE-12-24v60w $72.95
in stock power for 12 cameras
rack mount
select splitters above
Cat-5 Jumper cables
1 jumper WS-CAT5e-1 $1.25
1 foot jumpers
USA only! use eBay or quote request if outside the USA!

Power extended - click for full size
POE example

We solve the remote power problem

add PoE to any switch

Partial list of 5 volt Cameras

✓ Foscam FI9821W ✓ Foscam FI8918W ✓ Foscam FI8916W ✓ Foscam FI8905W ✓ Foscam FI8904W
✓ Foscam FI8608W ✓ Foscam FI8910W ✓ Foscam FI8909W ✓ Foscam FI8908W ✓ Foscam FI8607W
✓ Airsight ✓ Tenvis ✓ Wansview ✓ Wanscam ✓ EasyN ✓ Apexis ✓ EasySF ✓ Vstarcam ✓ Axis (5v)


Note: Warranty 1 year for injector only and power supply (if provided by us). No warranty or liability of any kind for attached devices. External surge protection required for any situation where lightning or ground loops may occur.